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Pink Cyclamen Plant

Pink Cyclamen Plant is a delightfully cheery plant that works well indoors near windowsills, and will brighten your home naturally. The flowers on the Cyclamen are bright pink and appear prolifically when given bright, direct light, kept moist, and exposed to cooler temperatures. The plants don’t like to dry out completely and will wilt and when they absolutely need water, but we recommend not letting it get to that point.

These cheery wintertime flowers brighten up spaces indoors and look beautiful when placed in a matching brightly colored pot. The flowers have upright facing petals that arise from the dark green leaves below. Anthurium prefers to stay moist without sitting in water or drying out excessively.


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Cyclamen grow from bulbs and need to go through a seasonal rest period before being able to sprout leaves and flowers again the next year. These are happiest when given high humidity so feel free to keep the humidity high with a nearby pebble tray.