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Create the Perfect Tablescape With These Winter Floral Arrangement Ideas

Create the Perfect Tablescape With These Winter Floral Arrangement Ideas

One of the most fun holiday traditions is winter decorating—when your home suddenly becomes warmer, brighter, and more intimate with a few carefully placed items.

You might highlight the fireplace with twinkle lights and garland. You could place a string of dehydrated oranges around your door frames, which offer both delicious smells and adorable aesthetic. Wreaths on the door, wreaths in the foyer, wreaths everywhere!

But perhaps one of the most beautiful and transformative decoration of all?

Winter floral arrangements, which can adorn any space or place—end tables, coffee tables, and of course, the kitchen table, where you’ll serve your biggest and best meal all year! Flowers are one of the best decorations for the season, as they’re fresh, alive, and vibrant, perfectly complementing the mood.

Before you spend money on one more decoration that’ll be out of style by next year, keep reading for some creative tablescape ideas that involve winter flowers and more.

A Basket of Carnations, Ornaments, Ribbons, and More

One of the best ways to make a statement is with an oversized basket on the table.

Consider wrapping some winter florals—fluffy red carnations, fresh pine needles—around some tapered red candles. Faux candles are ideal here for those with kids who to avoid a fire hazard. If that’s not a concern for you, opt for real candles!

Toss in some pinecones, a few glittery and gold ornaments, and even a ribbon or two to fill it out, and we’re talking about a bright and cheery centerpiece! 

Splashes of White With Variegated Holly and Peppermint Carnations

What started off as a holiday candy aimed at appeasing fidgeting choirboys (otherwise known as candy canes) is now a household staple come December.

And why not add these to your table à la Edible Arrangements?

In one our favorite arrangements—a red-and-white-striped, festive basket—you’ll find touches of red thanks to peppermint carnations, berries, and bows, with frostings of white due to white statice and frosted pinecones.

Variegated holly, noble fir, and red ribbons are the perfect finishing touches. 

A Cabin-Friendly Bouquet With an Aromatic Touch

Is your home a little more rustic or farmhouse-esque? 

If so, this Christmas cabin bouquet is the perfect addition.

Green button pompons will transport you right to your favorite forested location, while red roses complete the traditional Christmas color scheme. Proteas are a long-lasting, exotic-looking flower that stands out, and seeded eucalyptus offer an earthy fragrance that lasts just as long. 

Put these things together in a rustic rectangular box, and you’ll be able to get away with placing this arrangement anywhere!

Small but Sweet Bubble Bowl for the Bedside

If you don’t have a ton of room for an arrangement, you might be look for a smaller vase.

Choose this sweet bubble bowl if that’s the case! It’ll sit snugly on any end table, whether in the bedroom or living room, on the fireplace mantle, or in the foyer. If you’ve got a smaller table (like a circular nook, for example), this piece will fit right in.

Match the petite vase with festive foliage (i.e., pine or fir) and flowers (carnations, red roses) for the perfect festive addition to any room. With some pinecones and berries to boot, you’ll check all the boxes.

The Christmas Centerpiece to End All Centerpieces

Feel like making a major statement? Then a bubble bowl won’t cut it for you! You’ll beed something large and in charge (but still classy, of course).

Think similar arrangements to what we’ve mentioned so far, but up the ante when it comes to size. 

Our curated Christmas celebration centerpiece combines brilliant white lilies with more red tapered candles, this time adorned with male cardinals. Nothing invokes a winter scene quite like the bright red bellies of birds atop a dusting of fresh white powder.

Combined with the warm glow from candles, and every heart will feel inspired.

Consider Classic Colors of Christmas

Not a fan of pomp and circumstance?

No worries! You can still make a beautiful arrangement that is minimalist but festive.

Take our colors of Christmas arrangement, for example. We’ve replaced white carnations with white, long-stemmed orchids; we’ve kept the traditional but timeless red roses, and added some fragrant greens (like fresh holly) as a finishing touch.

Place this fresh bouquet in a chic, rectangular glass vase, and voilà. Instant class!

Or, Go Grand and Glorious!

What if you’re not a minimalist?

What if you’re, as the kids say, extra. Well, we’re in agreement that there’s no better time to go all-out than the holidays. 

You’d probably take pride in the grandest arrangement of them all. We’re talking tall, fluffy, and maximalist! 

Our bouquet of loosely gathered red and white blooms, combined with lush greenery, makes this bouquet one to impress. With snow-tipped pinecones, sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, and a long, clear vase, it’s easy to see how this arrangement earns the title of Christmas garden of grandeur.

Winter Floral Arrangements to Keep You Cozy

The holidays are the best time to bring out a beautiful centerpiece for the table.

Nothing puts people in the Christmas spirit quite like fresh, vibrant flowers that look and smell wonderful.

Are you looking for seasonal floral arrangements near you? Look no further!

Rich Mar Florist provides winter florals in a wide range of options. Click here to start perusing our arrangements.

Contact us when you’re ready to begin beautifying your space this holiday season!


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