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Florists in Bethlehem, PA: What Are My Options?

Florists in Bethlehem PA What Are My Options

Floral arrangements have always been known for their elegance and beauty. They are symbolic of so many different life events and milestones. From weddings to holidays, birthdays, and everything in between, they represent just how special these moments are.

Because there are so many different types of flowers and arrangements, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. When it’s time for you to choose flowers for your special event, it can be easy to panic. 

However, there are many florists in Bethlehem, PA who can help you make the perfect decisions for all of life’s special moments. 

Keep reading to learn more about florists near you, offered services, and the costs to expect. 

Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and you’ll remember it forever. The perfect wedding flowers should represent you and the love that you’re celebrating. 

RichMar Florist is a florist near Bethlehem, PA who specializes in making your special day unforgettable. When you come to visit us, we have sample arrangements, photos from past celebrations, and more. 

Our goal is to make this part of your special day as simple as possible. Our team is there for you throughout the entire process to make sure your whole day comes together perfectly. 

Everyone has different visions for their special day, so the costs of wedding flowers differ for everyone depending on what you’re looking for. 

Some factors include the type of flower, whether they are artificial or fresh, and the size of the arrangement. The bridal bouquet is often what costs the most.

Bridesmaid’s bouquets are also a special part of the day, including flower girl accessories, centerpieces, and any other floral decorations you may want. 

Typically, florists will first offer a consultation to discuss the bride’s visions and any special details they’d like to include. Then, the florist team and bride work together to bring it all to life. 

There are many hours and long days that go into creating wedding floral arrangements. So, the cost will also depend on how much time the florists spend on creating them, how much the actual flowers cost, as well as delivery and setup costs on the wedding day. 

Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers can be some of the most fun arrangements to create because they can truly be whatever you’d like. You can customize these arrangements any way you want to best represent that special person in your life. 

We offer vibrant colored arrangements perfect for any celebration, including elegant tulips or lilies and brightly colored roses. We can even create an arrangement to look like a birthday cake or a favorite furry friend!

We have arrangements for any desired budget. Chocolate, snack, and fruit baskets are also available, as well as themed balloons to go along with any special celebration. 

Seasonal And Holiday Flowers

A beautiful floral arrangement for any holiday or season can be a beautiful addition to your home decor. Spring and autumn collections are available as well as arrangements for any holiday. 

From Christmas and Thanksgiving to Mother’s Day and even Halloween, there is something for everyone. These collections include all of the best seasonal flowers, sure to make spirits bright. 

In our Christmas arrangements, you’ll see a variety of beautiful red and white flowers mixed with greenery throughout. Thanksgiving and autumn arrangements are packed with warm reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Spring collections for holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day include vibrant colors like pink, purple, and yellow with seasonal favorites such as tulips and carnations. 

Rose Arrangements

Roses are a timeless classic and are a staple to any special event. Maybe you’d like to surprise a special loved one with a fresh, colorful dozen roses. Or maybe you want a special arrangement to spice up your home or bring to a holiday party.

Whatever you’re looking for, we offer top-quality rose arrangements here in the Lehigh Valley. For any special occasion, we offer rose arrangements and wrapped bouquets of any color you could think of. 

From classy and elegant red, pink, or white, to purples, orange, and even rainbow roses, we’ve got it all. Our different types of arrangements also allow you to choose the perfect roses for any budget. 

Sympathy Flowers

Although sympathy flowers can be bittersweet, they are a stunning touch to some of life’s most difficult moments. They are specially created to symbolize and celebrate the precious lives of loved ones. 

There are a variety of options when it comes to sympathy arrangements. We offer home arrangements, casket sprays, service arrangements, and other unique arrangements specially made for this difficult time. 

Some unique creations we offer include armed services dedications, heart-shaped arrangements, and arrangements dedicated to a favorite sports team or activity. 

Depending on the type of flowers and the size of the arrangement, the cost of sympathy arrangements can vary greatly. The budget for these arrangements is a completely personal preference.

Regardless of your needs and your budget, we are always willing to work with you and find something that meets all of those needs.

Florists In Bethlehem, PA

Flowers are a truly essential feature of any important life moment or celebration. From the biggest moments in life like weddings to simple birthday celebrations, we hope we can help make it all a little extra special. 

When it comes to florists in Bethlehem, PA, we’ve got something for everyone. No matter what your budget is or what you may be looking for, we want to help. 

Since 1955, we have been striving to make life a celebration every day. If you have a special life event, holiday party, or other celebration, contact us anytime for a free consultation or more information. 


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