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10 Beautiful Flower Trends to Watch in 2022

It’s expected that 2022 will have around 2.5 million weddings, which is nearly double the amount that occurred during 2020. With this new era upon us, it’s no surprise that there are fresh flower trends for weddings and other events. 

The floral industry, like many others, was affected by the pandemic. Florists and their clients continue to pivot in this upcoming year. Popular trends from last year are fading away to be replaced with innovative and classical designs. 

This guide will discuss the top 10 floral trends to keep an eye out for in 2022, whether you’re planning a wedding or another event. 

1. Bold and Bright Hues

One of the color trends you can expect from 2022 is bright and bold colors. Pastel colors are always in style, but you can expect to see more vibrant hues in weddings this year. 

Brides have spent the past few years scouring the internet and social media, looking at weddings from around the world. For example, Indian weddings are known for their flashy colors. From autumn hues to citrus colors, weddings will include far more color than in previous years. 

If you’re interested in making bold moves with your upcoming event, talk to your floral designer about your desired colored pallet. Create boards on Pinterest or print off pictures that you can bring into your consultations. 

2. Organic Flower Arrangements 

Couples are learning to embrace the organic shapes of flowers, adjusting their expectations instead of being focused on a perfect bloom. Flowers don’t grow straight and in the direction, you might want them to. 

Florists are embracing the whimsical, unpredictable nature of flowers in their arrangements. Florists are using blooms that grow in different directions to give their pieces a more artistic vibe. 

3. More Texture 

Couples are looking to have a variety of greenery and blooms in their floral arrangements. They’re focused on having textured blossoms instead of the traditional rose. 

You can also expect to see more diverse floral installations and heavy greenery in upcoming weddings. Florists are combining soft and bold flower textures and colors. 

Texture also applies to the decorative accents and vessels that are used in weddings. This includes rattan jugs and mesh vases. 

Another option is to purchase loose stems to complete your wedding look while adding texture. Scatter giant gold leaf accents or pampas grass throughout your venue. 

4. Dramatic Designs and Arrangements 

Many couples have had to wait several years to get married, so they’re opting for big and dramatic designs. Some of the favorite bold designs include:

  • Elegant cascading flowers
  • Floral arches
  • Floral borders 
  • Floral chandeliers
  • Floral ceilings 

The designs will be more dramatic, unique, and less traditional than flowers in previous years. 

5. Grand Entrances 

Many weddings in the past have included a grand entrance for the bride to walk under as she heads down the aisle. Brides are leaning toward a bold, grand entrance for 2022 weddings. 

The grand entrances include a combination of low and tall flowers with a sea of flickering candles. Florists create an oasis for the bride to walk through. Grand entrances make for great photo opportunities as well. 

6. Non-Traditional Flowers

Non-traditional flowers are increasing in popularity for 2022. Florists are combining fresh with dried elements to create unique flower arrangements and bouquets. 

Wedding flowers can be made entirely from sustainable materials, such as wood flowers. Wood flowers and other types of dried materials can also be dyed to match the color palette of the wedding. Dried or artificial flowers are also great options for those who suffer from allergies. 

7. Variety of Decorations for Tablescapes 

Many couples are looking to have multiple types of decorations on their tables. Adding in other decor items, like vases or candles, can take your tablespaces up a notch. 

Long estate tables can feature multiple floral arrangements with a mix of the following items:

  • Bud vases
  • Tall and short candles
  • Compote vases

Mixing decor items with floral arrangements is a wonderful way to celebrate an arrangement. For example, having a continuous line of flowers going down your main table can create a wow factor. Taper candles in a vibrant accent color can complete the look. 

8. Unique Ceremony Arches

Long gone are the times when a basic floral arch was sufficient enough for a couple to tie the knot under. Couples are looking for more creative and unique approaches when it comes to their ceremony’s backdrop. 

In previous years, a gold hoop or a pipe with a drape was popular backdrops. Many couples are choosing to have custom-built ceremony arches. This allows florists to design their arches in new and modern ways. 

9. Unusual Color Pairings

One way to make your wedding stand out from the rest is to incorporate a unique color scheme into your bouquets and arrangements. Soft blues and greens are expected to be paired with vibrant colors for 2022. 

Unexpected color pairings personalize your event, giving your guests something to remember. Work with your florist if you want to take this route, so you select coordinating colors that don’t clash with one another. 

10. Earthy Neutral Tones

While vivid and bold colors will be prominent in weddings this upcoming year, muted hues are a close second. Florists look at this trend as a middle ground between the bright colors of the future and the traditional neutral tones of the past. 

Some of the neutral tones you can expect to see include:

  • Rust
  • Amber
  • Mauve
  • Sunset

This aesthetic is also mirrored in home and interior design trends for 2022. This neutral look includes soothing touches, color palettes, and smooth lines. You can incorporate this vibe into your upcoming wedding, especially in a natural, outdoor setting. 

Follow Upcoming Flower Trends for Your Future Wedding

While your wedding day can be anything you want it to be, knowing what the upcoming flower trends are can help spark your creativity. You can explore different types of flowers, arrangements, and décor that you might not have considered. 

To learn more about upcoming wedding flower trends, give us a call and view our wedding portfolio


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