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Your Essential Guide to the Best Flowers for Graduation

Your Essential Guide to the Best Flowers for Graduation

Flowers are flourishing, in more ways than one! 5,930 companies across the United States produced flowers in 2020, up from 5,198 in 2019. 

One reason why flower sales are booming is that flowers are becoming a popular gift for graduation. Yet you shouldn’t just run down to the flower shop and buy the first flowers you see. Flowers for graduation can become a powerful gift if you get the facts.

What flowers have the most powerful symbolic meanings? What arrangements should you select for flowers for a graduate? How should you present your flowers to your recipient? 

Answer these questions and you can select the perfect flowers for your loved one. Here is your quick guide.

Find the Right Symbolic Messages 

Many flowers have symbolic meanings that can make your gift more significant. Take a look at a few different flowers and pair them together to send a message to the graduate in your life.

Roses are a traditional symbol of love and beauty. They are a good choice if you are giving flowers to your significant other or child.

Red roses usually signify romantic love while white roses indicate a new beginning. Yellow and orange roses are rare, but they signify friendship and enthusiasm. 

Carnations are another popular graduation flower. They indicate admiration and support, and white carnations signify pure love. 

Orchids offer textured and thick petals that catch the eye. Red orchids signify courage and strength in the face of challenges, so they are a good flower to pair with carnations. If you want a more interesting color choice, you can choose green orchids, which signify good fortune.

If you’re looking for less common flowers, you can give ranunculuses. Giving someone a ranunculus indicates that you are charmed by the recipient. 

If you want to send flowers to a graduate who lives away from you, you can send pink camellias. They symbolize a longing for another person you admire.

Flowers for guys include birds of paradise. You can also select flowers with scents similar to colognes that your graduate likes.

Select Beautiful Colors

You can pick flowers in the colors of your graduate’s school logo. You can also select a group of flowers with your graduate’s favorite colors. 

Try not to select flowers with the exact same colors as each other. If you want to select blue flowers, try finding a few different hues of blue. This creates a more interesting and less intense color palette.

Black flowers are a traditional symbol of death, so you should avoid giving them to your graduate. If their school logo has black in it, you can replicate the color with purple flowers that look black, such as dahlias. You can also attach black banners or put your flowers in a black basket.

Pick the Perfect Arrangement

Bouquets are common flower arrangements for graduations, but you are not required to give one to your graduate. Leis are flower garlands associated with celebrations and Hawaiian culture. They are big enough to wear around the neck or top of the head.

There are no special flowers for leis, though many people like to put carnations in theirs. You can also put plumerias in a lei for a tropical and vibrant aesthetic.

Wreaths are similar to leis in that they are circular flower arrangements. However, wreaths are traditionally hung from doors or placed on tables, though they can be worn on the head. You can give a gift to your graduate if they are looking for something to decorate their home.

Standing sprays and cross arrangements are traditionally for funerals, not graduations. If you want to add support to your flowers, you can put the arrangement in a vase or basket. This also makes it easy for your graduate to transport the flowers to their home. 

Present Your Flowers

You can present flowers for college graduation whenever you want. You can give it to them before they graduate from school, which can build their confidence to finish their school year strong. You can also give it to them after they receive their degree. 

Schools traditionally give single roses to graduates after they get their degrees. If you have a bouquet you want to present, you may want to wait until after the graduation ceremony to present it.

You can present flowers alongside other things. You can attach a card, and you should do so if you are not going to present the flowers to the graduate in person.

Mention who the flowers came from and wish the graduate well. If your graduate is unfamiliar with tending to flowers, you may want to attach some instructions on how to keep the flowers alive.

You can also attach balloons, which can add color and texture clashes to your arrangement. You can pin your flowers onto a fruit or snack basket as well. If you want to add some decorations, you can attach willow branches and plastic butterflies to your flowers. 

Buy the Right Flowers for Graduation

Flowers for graduation can mean a few different things. You should find flowers with the right messages, offering love and support to your loved one. You should also create an interesting combination of hues and colors. 

Bouquets are a good basic arrangement, but you can give your graduate a lei or a group of flowers in a basket. Feel free to attach cards, snacks, and other trinkets to your arrangement. 

You don’t have to go far for great graduation flowers. Rich Mar Florist serves the Allentown area. Browse our store today.


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