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The Best Flowers for Allergies and Allergy Sufferers

More than 24 million people in the United States deal with indoor and outdoor airborne allergies. 

Flowers are a delightful gift to receive, but they can be highly irritating for people with allergies. Luckily, there are plenty of hypoallergenic floral solutions!

Do you or your loved one suffer from allergies? Are you afraid that your “I do’s” may come out as “Ah-choos”? 

Check out this guide to the best flowers for allergies. 

How to Choose Flowers

When you’re shopping for flowers, you’ll want to consider your recipient’s taste, the occasion, and the location of the flowers.

For example, flowers in a large auditorium may not need to be as hypoallergenic because they are surrounded by fresh air. However, “get well soon” flowers should definitely be hypoallergenic since they will be in someone’s home or the hospital. 

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful hypoallergenic flowers available. If you’re unsure if your recipient’s favorite flower is hypoallergenic, ask your florist for recommendations. 

The Best Flowers for Allergies

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty to avoid the sniffles! These ten flowers have very low pollen levels and are considered very hypoallergenic. 


You really can’t go wrong with carnations for any occasion! Carnations come in pink, red, white, and dyed varieties. Their dainty, ruffle-like petals make carnations perfect for wedding bouquets or sweet, friendly gestures. 

Carnation flowers have no center where pollen usually forms. The many petals on carnations also help hold any pollen inside the flower. 


Is there any cheerier flower than the yellow daffodil? Daffodils symbolize hope and new beginnings. Daffodils look great on their own or mixed into a bright, happy bouquet!

Daffodils have a very low pollen count, making them a good floral choice for people allergic to flowers. Please note that Daffodils are only avaialable for purchase in the springtime.


One of the largest and most extravagant bouquet flowers, hydrangeas come in gorgeous shades of blue, purple, white, and pink. They repeatedly bloom throughout Spring and Summer and make wonderful flowers for weddings. 

Hydrangeas have sticky, sap-like pollen. Bees and insects can pollinate the flowers, but the wind won’t blow pollen everywhere!


There are more than 200 species of irises in dozens of bright colors. Like carnations, irises have unique ruffles and folded petals. Iris flowers can stand alone, but they look best when paired with daffodils, lilies, or carnations.

Irises are allergy-friendly flowers because they have a low pollen count. Like carnations, their petals also help to trap any loose pollen. 


Did you know that vanilla is a type of orchid? Orchids are one of the most exotic and intriguing flowers. This delicate flower comes in many colors and can be gifted as a live plant or styled into a bouquet. 

Orchids are some of the most hypoallergenic flowers available. They have a very low pollen count and almost no scent. There are more than 25,000 species of orchids, but Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, and Dendrobium are the best for people with allergies. 


Peonies have large, pink or white petals. They symbolize romance, compassion, and nobility. Peonies make a wonderfully romantic wedding bouquet or anniversary gift!

The low pollen count and multiple soft petals keep peonies from irritating people with allergies. 

Peonies have a limited availabilty for purchase(Apr-June).


Good news! The most popular flower is also hypoallergenic! Representing romance, passion, and purity, roses are quintessential for weddings and anniversaries. 

Roses have large pollen particles, meaning they aren’t likely to be picked up by the wind or blown around your house. They also have layered petals that keep the pollen contained. However, roses have a strong fragrance, which may be too much for people with sensitivities. 


Snapdragons symbolize grace, strength, and prosperity. They are unique-looking flowers that add interest and natural dimension to any bouquet. 

Snapdragon flowers look like pods, which keep the pollen from going airborne. Snapdragons are relatively short-lived flowers, so recipients won’t have to worry about pollen for a week or more. 


Last but certainly not least, tulips are a classic flower for people with allergies. They come in many bright red, white, yellow, pink, and purple shades. They symbolize happiness, confidence, royalty, and forgiveness. 

Tulips are a great birthday, baby shower, or Mother’s Day gift! Like many other flowers on this list, they produce little pollen and look great on their own or mixed into a bouquet. Tulips can be purchased between January and April.

Flowers to Avoid

These flowers have very high amounts of pollen. Their pollen is light and dusty, meaning the wind easily picks it up. If you or your recipient is allergic to flowers, you’ll want to avoid these:

  • Asters
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Chamomile
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Daisies
  • Dahlia
  • Lilies

Tips and Tricks

If you’re loved one’s favorite flower didn’t make the list, there are some tips and tricks for altering flowers for people with allergies. 

If the flower has a long pollen-covered stamen, like Asiatic lilies, trim the stamen before gifting the flowers to your friend. This will effectively remove any pollen from the flowers.

You can also consider gifting dried flowers, houseplants, or cactus instead!

Give a Sneeze-Free Smile

The best hypoallergenic flowers make for the best memories. Whether you’re choosing flowers for a special event, loved one, or yourself, you can save your tissues for happy tears!

Did this article help you discover the best flowers for allergies? Are you ready to brighten someone’s day with a fresh bouquet? Shop Rich Mar Florist’s beautiful range of flowers for any occasion! 


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