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The Best Summer Flowers for Your Dinner Table

Did you know that the Netherlands contributes around 40% of all cut flowers worldwide? Whether your flowers come from overseas or from your local flower farm, flowers can make any home a bit more exciting. Summer flowers for your dinner table can add plenty of personality and beauty to the room. 

But there is a problem: how should you go about choosing the right dinner table flowers? After all, there are so many different seasonal flowers to choose from and you can arrange them in so many different ways.

Keep reading and learn all about how to choose the most beautiful flowers for your dinner table before summer is over.

Bright White Flowers

Summer is full of sunlight and brightness, so it only makes sense to choose flowers that reflect all the light that summer has to offer. It’s hard to go wrong with white flowers because there are so many options to choose from and they effortlessly match whatever is around them. White roses and peonies are both good choices if you plan on getting white flowers, although white carnations are quite striking as well.

The trick to using white flowers for your dinner table is not to use too many of them at once. If you cluster a bunch of white flowers together, the impact of the flowers will start to dwindle. More than that, the different white flowers will start to meld together and you won’t be able to admire the individual beauty of the different flowers. 

To fix this problem, you’ll want the make sure that the white flowers are separated by filler flowers.

Filler Flowers

Filler flowers are much smaller than the main flowers and function to give a bit of contrast to the resulting bouquet. Preferably, the color of the filler flowers should not be drastically different from the shade of the main flowers. 

For example, if your main flowers are white or another light color, you won’t want your filler flowers to be a very dark shade a the contrast will be much too strong. Instead, you will want the filler flowers to be another light shade to complement the main flowers without blending into the overall bouquet. For example, filler flowers that are light blue, green, pink, or yellow would all do very well to complement a cluster of white flowers. 

This is not to mention that these colors would compliment any dinner table effortlessly. 

Bold Blooms

If you are having a particular succulent dinner such as steak, stew, or pork, you can complement the appearance of your dish with bold flowers. Many people don’t think much about common flowers and their colors. However, colors can make a lot of difference. 

Darker flowers will provide a much different mood than light flowers. Consider dark red roses or carnations. Also, consider the dark green leaves they have to offer. 

Dark colors like these offer a more luxurious and opulent feel. This is in contrast to lighter flowers that are more lighthearted and superficial. Darker flowers are preferable for romantic evenings and more serious occasions. 

Lighter flowers, on the other hand, are best for lighter occasions such as garden parties. As with white flowers, you won’t want to bundle too many dark flowers together. Otherwise, the dark colors of their petals will start to meld together. 

This can take away from the individual beauty of each flower.

What You Need to Know

Try to make sure that your flowers aren’t all equally dark. For example, try mixing some dark red roses with brighter red roses or other flowers. 

This does not mean that you have to choose pastel flowers to lighten the bouquet. Pastel shades don’t usually go well with very dark shades as the contrast is too great. Marigolds, for example, are bold but not too dark and not too light. 

They are perfect for lightening up a bouquet that is too dark. They are also a beautiful summer flower in general. Of course, there are many other blooms you can use, such as zinnias or hydrangeas. 

Once you get the hang of choosing the right flowers for the occasion, you’ll find that it isn’t as hard of a task as you might expect. 

Pastel Shades

If your next dinner is going to be a more lighthearted occasion, it is best to opt for pastel blooms. You will find that there are many light-colored flowers to choose from such as orchids, roses, hydrangeas, and more. The great thing about pastels is that they all tend to match with each other. 

Pastel green goes well with pastel blue, pink, yellow, and so on. And, of course, every pastel shade goes very well with white flowers. You will want to avoid dark or very bold blooms in a pastel arrangement since a single bold flower can take away from the more delicate beauty of the pastel blooms. 

To make sure that your pastel flowers stand out, be sure that there are plenty of filler flowers involved. They can not only add contrast to the color of the pastels but also function to fluff up the arrangements so they look more voluminous and rich. 

Pastel flowers are ideal for dinners involving lighter foods such as fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese, and so on. 

Choosing the Best Summer Flowers for Your Dinner Table

Choosing summer flowers for your dinner table doesn’t have to be a chore as long as you know what to look for. Choosing the right flowers can make all the difference because of how they can affect your dining room’s mood. Whether you use white, pastel, or dark flowers, a bouquet or two will surely improve the look of your dining space. 

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