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The Ideal Wedding Flower Arrangement for Each Season

Wedding flowers are an essential component that brings it all together for your ceremony. 

The online business of flowers is blooming right now, and plenty of local floral specialists are also available to help you. Start by figuring out which types of arrangements are best for your wedding. 

These tips will help you choose the perfect wedding flower arrangement for your special day. 

Consider Some Great Wedding Flowers

Before you get precise with your floral arrangement planning, you must learn which types of flowers are popular throughout the seasons. Understanding the different species, colors, and characteristics will help you bring any theme to life. 

Here are some of the flower options that you should keep in mind:

Calla Lily

The calla lily is a flower that blooms in the springtime. They carry several meanings, such as purity, grace, passion, devotion, faith, and many others. 

It’s an excellent accompaniment for a warm-weather wedding, which is why they’re popular for both spring and summer weddings. However, calla lilies come in so many different color and shape varieties that are great for weddings of all seasons. 

This is a flower that is typically used for winter weddings and Christmas celebrations. 


Waxflower is a great option for weddings across all seasons. It’s used both as part of wedding floral arrangements and as flower petals that are used to announce the entrance of the bride. 

This flower symbolizes happiness and well-wishes, which is why it’s a good luck charm that is often used for wedding celebrations. It has a mild fragrance that is also pleasing, along with the reliability of being available year-round. 


If you’re looking for flowers that exhibit and symbolize pure joy, look no further than the Chrysanthemum. It’s a flower that people have used for years in bouquets and other parts of the floral arrangement. 

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, making Chrysanthemums an excellent option for any wedding type or theme. 

King Protea

King Protea is a flower that grows wild and is filled with expression and exuberance. This is why so many brides use these flowers as part of their bouquets. 

They grow in stunning white, cream, and ivory varieties, making King Protea a great flower by itself or mixed with other types. 

Consider Your Wedding Theme

If you’d like to get the right mix of color and flower type, it’s important that you consider your wedding theme. People today are getting more expressive than ever with their wedding themes and expressions. 

You might choose to go the traditional route with a color scheme, suits, and bridesmaid dresses that complement each other. People are also going with casual attire, or themes like bohemian weddings, beach destination weddings, and rustic weddings. 

You can always work backward with your flower ideas when you know what theme you’re trying to accomplish. 

Consult With a Professional

During the wedding planning process, you’ll come away with more of an idea of what’s possible with your flower arrangements. Your planner can refer you to wedding flower professionals that can show you live flower examples and color swatches. 

These professionals can let you know how many flowers you’ll need for any type of arrangement you’d like to create, along with what temperatures and conditions are ideal. They’ll help you to choose the best flowers based on seasons and the symbolism you’d like to accomplish. 

Aside from acquiring the live flowers, your professionals will also arrange them for you with impeccability. This will create the appearance you’re looking for and set the tone for your wedding celebration. 

Find the Best Wedding Flower Arrangement

Shopping for a wedding flower arrangement is easier when you have the help of professionals. Having the words of advice above will help you put together any mixture of flowers you see fit. 

Do your due diligence in researching flowers, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a floral professional that can assist you further. 

Rich Mar Florist has been in business since 1955 helping people tell stories and celebrate life with their wedding arrangements. We’d be happy to use our experience and knowledge to make your special day one to remember. 

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