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How to Choose the Best Anniversary Flowers

Flowers have long since been a token of commemoration. Months will always go by like a blur, and before you know it, it’s been a year or several since that one special day. Surprising your loved one with a beautiful bouquet is a wonderful way to celebrate your love.

Flowers are traditional, but sometimes, you want your selection to be extra special. Anniversaries can be stressful, as you don’t want your special day to feel bland or unoriginal. The selection of bouquets can feel overwhelming, and there’s always the option to customize.

So, how do you choose the best anniversary flowers for your loved one? If you want to give a meaningful bouquet to your beloved, read on! This article covers some great tips on choosing the best flowers to gift on an anniversary.

How Many Years Has It Been?

Each year that passes is a huge milestone for you and your loved one, so get the right flowers to celebrate it! Anniversary flowers differ depending on the year; using that as a guide can help you curate a more meaningful bouquet.

First Anniversary: Carnations

Carnations traditionally symbolize the first wedding anniversary. These flowers represent the innocence and purity of new love. 

Fifth Anniversary: Daisies

Five years in a relationship will have brought exciting twists and challenging turns. You may have had some difficult days, but it has ultimately strengthened your bond.

Each of the daisy’s petals represents stories and memories in a couple’s relationship. That is why daisies are the token flower for a fifth anniversary, and they also mean “forever love.”

Tenth Anniversary: Daffodils

Daffodils symbolize sweet memories and hope for more to come. These flowers showcase star-patterned petals with cheerful colors to represent joy. However this product is only available in the spring time.

20th Anniversary: Asters

A long, happy marriage deserves nothing less than a flower that represents wisdom and good fortune. Asters symbolize everything you’ve learned about each other.

30th Anniversary: Lilies

30 years is nothing to scoff at; during this time, you may have undergone huge life changes. You may have children of your own who are already old enough to take on the world. Lilies represent remembrance, reminding you to appreciate all your hard work in the last 30 years.

These flowers also represent transition. Lilies can help you celebrate moving on to the next stage of life with your partner.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus

The 40th anniversary is also known as a ruby anniversary. Gladiolus represents fidelity, strength, and persistence. It embodies everything that you’ve put into your relationship to make it work.

50th Anniversary: Violets and Roses

Golden anniversaries are extra special and merit two official flowers. Yellow roses represent prosperity and friendship. Your beloved is not only a partner but a best friend in life.

Violets symbolize commitment and commemorate the respect you have for one another.

Let the Flowers Talk

Red roses are the most traditional way of saying “I love you.” That’s why many Valentine’s and anniversary flowers consist of roses. However, flowers have unique meanings, and the color, number of flowers, and the flower itself can say different things.

Understanding the meaning of flowers can help you convey a secret meaningful message. For example, a single rose represents first love. Buttercups symbolize attraction and charm, which is a great way to tell your partner how lovely they are.

If you’ve recently gotten into a fight, you could add hyacinths. Hyacinths symbolize commitment and peace. You can use this to tell your partner, “I’m sorry. I know it’s been hard, but you’ll always have my heart.”

Use Your Partner’s Favorite Flowers

If you have no idea how to pick flowers, you can’t go wrong with your partner’s favorite ones. Secret messages can be sweet, but in the end, you want an arrangement that will make your partner happy. There’s no better way to do that than showing them you remembered something about them.

Everyone appreciates it when someone remembers a small detail about them. It shows how much that person cares and listens. You can make an arrangement based on your partner’s favorite color.

You can talk to a florist and buy flowers in different shades of that particular color.

Did you know you can change a flower’s color with food coloring? All you need to do is trim the flowers to fit in a glass. Fill the glass with water, add a few generous drops of food coloring, and wait.

It takes a few hours or even a whole day to see changes, so plan ahead if you want to do this.

Use Your Wedding Flowers

Nothing can be more thrilling than recreating a token of a special occasion. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, consider using the flowers from your partner’s wedding bouquet. You can bring a photo of the wedding flowers to a florist so they can identify it for you.

Flower Arrangements

If you’re hoping to bring home a vase with the flowers, it wouldn’t hurt to think of the flower arrangement. Flower arrangement is an art that allows the flowers to maintain their beauty and freshness. Remember, these flowers are for a special occasion and should stand proudly.

Flower arrangements are also essential if you plan on saying a message. Throwing flowers with different meanings together can seem thoughtful. However, if you aren’t experienced in making flower arrangements, it may not appear as beautiful as you might hope.

Picking the Best Anniversary Flowers for a Special Day

If there’s anything better than receiving anniversary flowers, it’s getting an arrangement that was thoughtfully chosen for you. Make your anniversary special by using our tips.

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