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How To Select and Arrange Your Favorite Special Occasion Flowers

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“Flowers make us happy” seems to be a no-brainer statement, but studies show that they actually do improve emotional health.

According to Rutgers researchers, flowers have an immediate impact on happiness as well as a long-term effect on moods. Seeing them regularly can reduce the risk of depression and help people connect with others around them.

That’s why choosing the right special occasion flowers is critical for any event or anniversary. Read on to learn how you can choose and arrange the perfect bouquet for any special day.

Know the Occasion

You likely already know that you’re getting flowers for a birthday or anniversary. However, to truly know the occasion well enough to select floral arrangements, you need to understand its intricacies.

What makes the birthday special? What are the hopes for the birthday person’s upcoming year? What anniversary are you celebrating with your partner and what milestones are you looking to celebrate since the previous year?

Answering questions like these will let you assess various blooms. For example, if you’re celebrating your tenth anniversary, a big bouquet with ten red roses is a simple way to show how much space your relationship takes up in your heart.

You can make a more informed flower choice based on the meanings of various flowers. If you’re celebrating the birthday of someone who’s hoping for a promotion in the upcoming year, chrysanthemums symbolize wealth. Primrose is ideal for someone who’s healing after an accident because of its meaning as a healing flower.

Understand Flower Meanings

As you may suspect, you’ll need an understanding of flower meanings to do this. In the Victorian era, people believed that flowers each represented a distinct message. Red roses and tulips have long symbolized love, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

White Jasmine is a flower denoting friendliness that makes a perfect gift for friends’ birthdays or girls’ nights. Yellow pansies are a great way to tell someone that you’re thinking of them, and iris literally means “I send a message.” This makes it a great flower to send alongside a friendly or loving note.

Some flowers also have other, more obscure meanings. Azelea is a great gift to tell someone to take care of themselves while marigolds symbolize affection. Daisies show innocence and are perfect for white weddings.

Geraniums are a show of sincerity while the lily of the valley is an ode to sensitivity. The possibilities are limitless, so do your research and create a bouquet that perfectly conveys your desired messages.

Come Up With a Color Scheme

At this point, it’s time to come up with a color scheme. If you chose flowers for their meaning, look for a common thread between those blooms. Perhaps you found yourself expressing friendship with pink and yellow flowers; maybe you wanted to wish someone wealth and prosperity with cornflower blue and baby’s breath.

Try pairing warm colors with other warm hues. Cool-toned flowers look great with green stems, trailing ivy, and other blue blooms.

If you have many different colors you want to get for someone, that’s okay! Create a multicolored rainbow bouquet with the help of professionals. This can be extremely eye-grabbing and appealing if you apply principles of balance, which experts can help with.

If you’re not operating within the Victorian language of flowers, that’s also okay. Try to pick hues that are meaningful to yourself and the recipient.

For example, if you’re getting your partner a thoughtful anniversary gift, consider getting the same blooms you had at your wedding. This is a great way to experience nostalgia and get sentimental.

Scope out what a friend’s favorite flowers are before getting them a bouquet by looking at the decor around their house. For Mother’s Day, think about what she normally kept out as a table centerpiece when you were a kid.

You can structure the color scheme around people’s favorite hues and blooms.

Stay Seasonal

When in doubt, seasonal bouquets are a great way to celebrate a special occasion!

After all, no event is complete without the seasonal ambiance that it provides. If you’re having a June wedding, it’s going to become synonymous with early summer in the future. Mother’s Day can’t be extracted from spring, and Christmas parties are thoroughly grounded in winter.

Another benefit to this is that you’ll get the freshest blooms available. While a professional flower shop will take care of popular varieties year-round, there’s something special about the strong smell of a flower during the season it blooms in.

You’ll give your recipient or decor something more beautiful for its ephemeral, seasonal nature.

Present Your Blooms the Right Way

Once you decide on what flowers belong in your arrangement, it’s time to put them in a vase. Sometimes, this will be simple. You’ll just have a knowledgeable florist stick them at balanced, perfectly spaced intervals in a cone or simple vase.

Other times, though, it can get a bit more complex.

Those attending baby showers may like to get blue or pink vases with baby initials on them. Wagons proclaiming “it’s a boy!” also can make the special day even better.

Happy hour flowers are also a lot of fun because you can put flowers in vases made to look like beer pitchers.

You also may just like something sleek and simple. Clear vases are always an option. You can choose frosted glass to make a bold statement with something elegantly minimalistic.

Make sure to arrange your flowers in an appropriate configuration in your chosen vase. A professional can help you create balance with various colors, shapes, and textures. You want everything to be in harmony before giving it to a recipient or displaying it at an event.

Get Special Occasion Flowers Today

Now that you know how to choose and arrange special occasion flowers, it’s time to begin designing a bouquet. Our team is committed to helping you select the perfect blooms for any important moment in your life.

We pride ourselves on offering everyday flowers and high-quality arrangements for any special day or season. Contact Rich Mar to discuss your specific needs and desired message.


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